'My House' at Art Beyond Boundaries

Eight female artists are showcased in Art Beyond Boundaries’ My House: All Women’s Invitational Exhibit. Using a mixture of mediums ranging from textiles, limestone, watercolor and oil pastels, the majority of the work is a treatment of the figure, the domestic, or the interior. As the exhibition flirts between craft and fine art, the quiet, contemplative pieces overwhelmingly resonate with a feeling of contentment and comfort.

Harriet Kaufman’s pair of limestone sculptures, Women: Attraction…The Space In-Between, sets up a dialogue between the two forms which in turn creates an open-ended narrative for the viewer. Resembling a maquette of a Henry Moore figural sculpture, the abstracted forms are both curvaceous and sensual while simultaneously rigid and indelible. Juxtaposed against Kaufman’s limestone figures are the soft, densely packed textiles of Cynthia Lockhart. Featuring a plethora of tightly layered, ephemeral materials, Oz World A and Oz World B, are at first glance unassuming but surprisingly hold the viewer’s attention. Adjacent larger objects by Lockhart dull in comparison to the compact, meditative works. The inclusion of a frame and the intimate size implies that these are semi-precious objects. Abstract and formal at first glance, the title leads one to the belief that Lockhart has created a fantastical otherworldly landscape as an escape tool from the conventional.
Guest curator Barbara Gamboa reserved the back corner for a hushed but poignant ending to a show about domesticity and femininity. Working with casein, watercolor and fluid acrylic, Deb Ward is most successful when she captures the mundane scenes of the muted everyday. In Pears and Lace, a delicate lace tablecloth is subtly draped over the edge of a table that features nothing more than a cup of coffee and a clump of pears. Ward’s intricate handling of paint and close attention to detail creates a quiet solitude and peaceful contemplation in an environment that has been stripped down to the essentials.

Other works in the show include two-dimensional figurative works by Barbara Gamboa, Joyce Phillips Young and Velma Morris as well as mixed media objects by Sarah Gallant and Lynn Conaway.
- Amanda Dalla Villa Adams

My House, an all women’s invitational exhibit, guest curated by Barbara Gamboa, at Art Beyond Boundaries, 1410 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. Phone: 513-421-8726. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday - 10am to 5pm Saturdays - 12pm to 4pm (other hours by appointment). Through May 28.
Photo: Harriet Kaufman,  Women:Attraction…The Space In-Between? (date: n.d.). Limestone, 16x8in each. Photo courtesy of Jymi Bolden, Art Beyond Boundaries.